I am the queen of hiding in plain sight.

I have a Ph.D. in Invisibility.

Today is the first day of Mondo Beyondo. In preparing for the course, I have had the opportunity to really think about what it is I want to bring to the opportunity of joining a tribe of dreamers-beyond-dreams, and I realized this:

The most important thing I MUST bring to this experience is my own authenticity.

Nobody claimed that Mondo Beyondo was going to be easy.

And as I was making my regular blog rounds, I stumbled upon an interview by Chookooloonks with author and incredible inspiration Brene Brown. In it, she discusses a variety of exciting things, including inspiration and love and, believe it or not, authenticity.

Along with this post, she has the opportunity to give one lucky reader a copy of Brene’s newest DVD, The Hustle for Worthiness. In it, Dr. Brown talks about how we are worthy in this moment, right NOW. We can’t wait for worthiness. And Karen has posed the ultimately interesting question for her readers as their entry to win:

When do you feel your most authentic?

If you didn’t know this already, I don’t much believe in accidents. I don’t believe in “coincidence.” If something happens, it is supposed to happen. Maybe it’s fate, or perfect timing, or something greater; but the fact that these two happened at exactly the same time is not lost on me.

I feel my most authentic when I am animated, when I am speaking from my heart about things which are my passion: writing, cooking, music, social/environmental activism, teaching, travel.

I feel most authentic when I am creating: photography, writing, knitting, singing, cooking, dreaming, loving.

I feel most authentic when I am in a safe place, with safe people, surrounded by love and trust, and not being judged.

I feel most authentic when those around me feel safe and secure enough to be their most authentic selves.

I feel most authentic when I’m not hiding in plain sight.

And so, as I embark on this incredible journey which is Mondo Beyondo, and as I step forward into my whole being, unfettered, unbound, I endeavor to be my most authentic self more often.

Make that I dream to be my most authentic self more often. And someday, to be my most authentic self all the time. Dreaming beyond my wildest dreams means breaking down the walls which kept me safe for all these years by keeping me separate from others. They’re not serving me now. They’re only keeping me separate from others.

I am ready to be present, fully present: to myself, to those I love, to the people around me, and to the world.

Are you ready, World?

Oh, and because I said I would, here’s a photo of last week’s homemade pizza for Andrea: