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Whoa! This Mondo Beyondo journey has been quite the ride, and it’s only being going for two days!  I knew, when I headed into this course, that I was signing on for a crazy, wild adventure through my head, heart and soul. What I didn’t realize is that the adventure would begin as soon as I opened myself to the mere possibility of things changing.

Last night, when I was journaling a re-cap of my first day of Mondo Beyondo, I learned some very interesting things about life and myself. I wanted to share some with you:

  • Sometimes, you just need chocolate. And to re-heat your tea. But then go back to work.
    Lesson: Less, more often, doesn’t always work.
  • The heart is a tender creature. Love is a fickle fish. But cats will snuggle when they are so inclined. Humans, not necessarily.
    Lesson: Let go. Don’t push. Stay calm.
  • Memory can hurt more than the experience. The act of remembering may make us want to forget. Forgiving one’s self is critical to survival.
    Lesson: Learn. Forgive. Carry the lessons with you.
  • Washing a loved one’s laundry brings us closer to that person. Sometimes it’s closer to the things we love less about them. Sometimes, what we love the most.
    Lesson: There is always more laundry.
  • Dreams push us further than we ever imagined possible by removing the restrictions of reality from our notions of what we can accomplish.
  • Some sounds we use to cover up the whisper of our heart.
    Lesson: Spend some time in silence every day.
  • We can spend years searching/waiting for the “right,” the “perfect,” the “exact” one or thing or person. We might miss it. Or never find it.
    Lesson: It may be right in front of you, not looking anything how you expected. Stay OPEN.
  • Our words may have an impact on another, but the business of changing hearts is best left to the Divine. Difficult, but true.
    Lesson: Stop pushing. Relax. Trust. Believe.
  • We each have a unique gift to contribute to the world. Some of us just have more layers to remove before uncovering that gift and letting it shine.
    Lesson: Be patient. All those interests do lead somewhere.
  • Our bodies are designed to move, to be active, to get up and dance. We feel the rhythms in our soul; it’s up to us to make the grooves and slides of life.
  • Wanting “things” gives us a clearer picture of what it is important to us, and also what is distracting us — stuff is an image of our inner landscape. Just don’t forget your internal North Star.
    Lesson: Want is okay. Just don’t be ruled by it.
  • If you spend your whole life being afraid that people will leave, it may only serve to push them away. Be secure in your self, and those who love you will stay.
    Lesson: Don’t suffocate. Don’t smother. Breathe.

So, much to my surprise, Mondo Beyondo is not just pushing the limits of my dream-power, but also the limits of every belief I hold about myself and the world. I knew it wasn’t going to be a “dream-only” transformation. I wasn’t expecting that just the mere possibility of opening to my wildest, craziest dreams would alter my entire existence. (Okay, I know this sounds crazy. Really. I should have known that opening one part of my heart would open my whole world to fantastic shifts and incredible opportunities. But even I have my doubts.)

So I share with you just the beginning of a wonderful journey. So far, I’ve journaled more in the last two days than I have in months, spent time actually enjoying the silence in my own home, and taken time to adventure into the Arboretum to snap some photos of the creatures emerging in the recent thaw. And I leave you with a photo from my bicycle ride home, taken in the misty darkness on the bike path between Downtown and home.