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Self Portrait in Mirror, Blackberry Curve

I have spent most of this glorious sunny afternoon working in the porch, watching my cat track squirrels, birds, and skittering leaves across the backyard. I finally seized the opportunity to create my first Mondo Beyondo list, after spending most of the weekend thinking about it, but not quite finding the stretch of 20 minutes needed to write it down with intention. And I was certainly not going to write it down without intention.

I had such a loving and gentle weekend, surrounded by people who are taking the time to be genuine with one another, and connect on the heart level. Sunday, I shared the afternoon discussing some ideas on the qualities of effective leaders, and how one of my spiritual communities can foster and nurture quality, outstanding leaders. It was a true gift for me, as a young woman who has spent consider chunks of life in leadership roles, to share with people with whom I wasn’t so familiar my own opinions and experiences of leadership. It was a gentle, inter-generational experience, and I cherish it.

This morning, I interviewed for a part-time position with the state Justice Department. It’s office work, which I actually enjoy (I know, crazy, right?), and part-time, which gives me a more stable income, but also allows me to continue growing and expanding my freelance business. The lead-up preparation was a bit harrowing, though. A lot of old tapes and old stories about worth and success and ability came growling into my heart and head and being. It was quite the ride from feeling confident and certain about my abilities to a mind-crushing meltdown in the doorway of my closet at 10.30pm last night. Thankfully, my housemate came to the rescue (yet again, and even after I snapped at her for no reason) to remind that I am capable and successful and worthy. Without her, I may not have been so easily able to pick myself up, dust myself off, and finishing choosing my outfit, printing my resume, and getting a restful night’s sleep before a (mildly stressful) interview experience.

This deep, deep, deep friendship is such a gift for me. It is an incredible honor to be close with someone who just cares about me, without strings or conditions. Without this friendship, I would be much worse off — physically, emotionally, spiritually. Without this friendship, it may have taken me a lot longer to realize some fundamental things about myself.

One of the exercises I completed in preparation for creating my Mondo Beyondo list is about finding and identifying one’s values. This experience allowed me to really think about who I am, what I believe, and how I want to live my life. I share my values here with you:

Gandhi —
* I stand up for justice, for what I believe, without backing down in the face of adversity.
* I blaze a trail which is uniquely my own.

Buddha —
* I am responsible: with myself (physically, emotionally, spiritually, fiscally) and with others.
* I listen with an open mind and heart, and aim to break down judgements and bring peace.

Rabbah —
* I am a wise and intuitive woman, honest with myself and others.
* I am deeply spiritual, and I offer healing to my self and to others on this journey.

Midwife —
I am generous with my time and talents, being caring and tender as I am able.
* I am willing to receive the kindnesses of others.
* I practice self-care, only sharing when it will not cause a detriment to my own being.

Witch —
I am free-spirited, adventurous, and guided by my own wild, passionate inner wisdom.
* I follow my dreams and support others in following their own blissful selves.
* I am active, enjoying the gifts of the Universe (music, dance, food, nature).

These are the values by which I aim to guide my life and be a teacher/nurturer to others. These are the values which guide my own MONDO BEYONDO dreams.

What are your values?