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If there is one thing I was expecting to be very different when Mondo Beyondo* ended, it was that I thought I would feel major withdrawal. In fact, I don’t. I feel more engaged and connected than I believed possible. I was honest with myself, really opened to my inner truths and dreams, and have connected with them in a way that is influencing my entire life.

Not only am I more connected to my dreams, but I am becoming more clear every day on how to achieve these dreams. Some days, the astounding clarity is mind-blowing. I often have to turn off the music, put aside the computer, and stand silently in my backyard to come down from the incredible expansion of body and spirit I feel during these revelations. It’s a very “What the Bleep!” feeling. Each day, I am given greater opportunities to expand my influence in the world, to make gradual steps toward my dreams (which are goals with more optimism), to learn new ways to create change in the world.

Today, I had a real revelation. See, anytime I’ve ever needed to sell a book, I’ve always taken it to the local Half Price Books. I’ve never complained about the service, or the price I’m given. Somehow, it just doesn’t feel right, though, knowing that my book could end up in a warehouse and get lost, or be tossed.

So, I’ve decided on a new method.

See, these books have been my closest friends and most constant companions, some for a very long time. I have realized that, not only do I not need them any longer (I can read them online, or check them out from the public library system), my books want to help me reach my new dreams: travel and teach. Just like any good friend, these books are a way that I can be supported in my dreams, and move forward.

I’m selling much of my collection. I’ve created a new page on my blog with a regularly-updated list of titles. As they sell, I’m crossing them out. As I go through my books, I’m adding new titles.

The best part: each title is only $5!

That’s right, $5 will get you any of the remaining books on the list (plus shipping via media mail through the USPS). If you choose more than one title, they will ship together, in order to cut down on shipping costs. I’m happy to accept payment by PayPal to expedite the process for all parties.

All of the funds I raise through this endeavor will go toward financing my dreams: enrolling in a TEFL certification program, traveling to a foreign country, and teaching English to women and girls. Oh, and toward my dream of being a feminist photoethnographer, photographing women and girls in their native cultures. I’m excited and nervous about the possibilities laid out before me, and I am grateful for your support in this endeavor. Please contact me with any questions, or to arrange for a title(s) to be shipped your way!

I’d also like to extend a deep thank-you to Andrea and Jen, for encouraging us all to follow our dreams, discover our passions, and live in our bliss. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart.

*This is an affiliate link, because my experience in the Mondo Beyondo course truly has changed my life. For each person who registers for the upcoming class (beginning on May 17th!) through this link, I will receive a small affiliate benefit. These funds will also go toward funding my dreams!