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Today I am thinking about words.

I’m thinking about Jen Lemen and the incredible, amazing, word-defying act she has completed in reuniting a mother with her two daughters, against all odds.

I’m thinking about the letter I received from a far-off penpal in the post today (writing back tonight!) and the amazing images she painted with her words. Pictures of a place across the globe, a place I’ve never been (but hope to visit), a place I’ve only seen in pictures and magazines.

I’m thinking about the book I’m reading called The Yogurt Man Cometh by Kevin Revolinksi. It’s about his year of teaching English in Turkey (recommended to me by a woman at the neighborhood pharmacy). I’ve deeply enjoyed it, and will be a little sad when I finish it in the next few days.

I’m thinking about how I cannot find a book written by a woman about traveling or living in India. How this is the book I really want to be reading. How maybe I could just write that book, since I can’t find it, and I am a writer, so why not?

I’m thinking about something Margaret Atwood said this morning in her discussion on Earth Day and the humanities:

“Which brings us to Earth Day– which is not yet a festival of the dead.”

With all these thoughts swirling about in my head, it’s no wonder I feel a little overwhelmed, a lot low-energy, and a bit discouraged at figuring out the next steps in my Mondo Beyondo dreams. Lately it feels like I’m doing a lot of word-whittling, word-swapping, word-plugging, and not a lot of action. I want to be moving forward with tangible things (though I have been taking a LOT of books in packaging to the Post Office and sending them off!) toward the accomplishment of my dreams, and some days it feels very stagnant. I’m trying to keep from getting discouraged, though it is difficult some days.

So, with all these things, and the trusty moleskine in my bag, I’m off to the lake to sit and listen to the waves on the dock, the laughter of children playing soccer in the park, and try to release some of the “word vomit” filling up my head before it begins leaking out my ears. I’m hoping that the clear blue-green water of the lake, paired the quacking of several ducks, will give me the insight and peace of heart I’m seeking to just keep moving forward.