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What would you include in your artist’s creed?

I caught a glimpse of this video as I was catching up on Jamie Ridler’s blog in my Google Reader. I must have watched and listened to it a dozen times this afternoon. I just can’t shake it. It has really, really impacted me.

And got me thinking.

What WOULD I include in my artist’s creed?


I believe that we all have the brilliant opportunity to tell our unique stories.

I believe that each one of us shares the incredible experience of creation in our own way.

I believe the Universe loves us unconditionally, and that I can share that unconditional love with the Universe.

I believe that we all need someone who shares love and support with us, to encourage us to speak our truths.

I believe that we never truly know the impact of our life on others.

I believe that sharing in the work of creating infuses our art with even more juiciness and magick.

I believe that my art will appear in the form that is most true in my heart.

I believe that I cannot wait for my art to “happen,” but that creating my life’s work takes practice, dedication, and belief.

I believe in my art.

I believe in the intrinsic value of the art we create: as women, as warriors, as mothers, as dreamers, as believers, as lovers.

I believe that we can create anything to which we set our minds.

I believe that creation can extend to the world in which we want to live.

I believe that creating art IS creating our world.

I believe that my art matters.

I believe your art matters.

I believe we matter.


What would you say in YOUR artist’s creed?