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These days are rough, uncut, full of jagged edges you cannot see but feel when they scrape across your skin.

These days are bright, airy, full of learning and possibility unfolding like the blossoming gladiolas in my front yard.

Starting a new position outside the home, working for others, learning a new way of being, it’s exhausting! I had forgotten just how much energy it takes to absorb SO MUCH new information. And adjusting from sitting at home all day to biking and standing all day, well it’s enough to wear a girl out!

But this has all been really, really wonderful; I’m so blessed for the opportunity and the changes it is bringing to my life.

All this shifting in my personal and {one facet of my} professional life have me re-examining and dissecting my daily life, my focus, my goals and dreams. I recently applied for a US Passport to travel outside the country {with increasingly stringent restrictions on where one can travel without a passport — like to Canada — it became imperative to own one} and am dreaming of travels near and far: Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Marrakesh, Algiers, Jerusalem, Mumbai, Sydney, Wellington, Pretoria, and others. Many others. The idea of having the freedom which comes with a passport (money a separate issue) makes my heart more buoyant than soap bubbles. I have always had a wandering heart, and read any book I can find about women traveling across the globe (I’m especially excited about Marianne’s book — SO CAN’T WAIT TO READ!!!!!).

Today when picking up my new 18-month Moleskine weekly planner, I discovered a new book on the shelves: The Lost Girls: Three Friends, Four Continents, and One Unconventional Detour Around the World. Written by three friends who travel the world in their late twenties, it has me dreaming, scheming, and cooking up my first major trip {oh, and if you want to get me a surprise present, you can send me the book}.

Not long ago, I was cleaning out some old papers and came across a mind map I started many months ago, when I was seriously considering creating a 7-week writing workshop for women in my local community. Prone to noticing synchronicity, I realized that just the day before, Bindu had announced her Diamond Cutters writing workshop. {As an aside, I have found that Bindu’s Top 10 Tips have really encouraged me to step into my own power and sense of self.} And not a day after discovering this mind map and some details ideas about creating this writing workshop, another friend asked my opinion about a website {I’ll not name it here} offering writing courses for women online. I gave her my honest opinion, and then was delightfully surprised to read in her response, “I’d rather give my money to someone I know. So if you ever offer a course, keep me in mind.”

So, I’m thinking about traveling the globe, and then thinking about writing workshops, and I realized I need some focus. I’ve always dreamed of teaching writing to women, but I need to figure out what exactly it is I have to offer. Who is my ideal workshop participant? Why do I want to travel to ___________? And what is my budget for funding all these dreams {especially since I need to replace both my computer and camera before making any major plans}?

So, I’m working, and I’m working through my stuff, and I’m working into my own self, and working toward my best self, and I’m curious:

What are YOU working on/in/through/toward these days?