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This is a “Monday Me” post, though not on Monday, and not solely about me. But I’ll start with me, and the reference to this post’s title (a phrase told to me almost daily as a small child), and we’ll see where it leads.

Tonight it is incredibly hot and humid. Today, it was certainly a heat index beyond 100 degrees Farenheit (I have the sun-burned scalp to prove it’s brightness). I am fairly certain I am dehydrated, feeling woozy and unable to drink much water. My shoulder is incredibly sore from carrying my computer and two (three?) cameras around on my photography rounds at the March for Marriage Equality (a protest against the National Organization for Marriage – I’ll not be linking to them as it will drive up their internet traffic). I could really use a full-body massage, or at least a shoulder rub. I’m looking forward to getting back the digital prints from my three rolls of film being developed.

Today, I am reminded of how scared people become when confronted with a majority holding a differing opinion. I am reminded of how those people who become scared often try to turn that fear into hate-mongering speech, claiming that those in the majority are the ones who are afraid. I am reminded of the incredible collective power of complete strangers coming together to stand for what they believe to be true and right as humans.

Today, I am dreaming of Mumbai and Istanbul and Tel Aviv while being incredibly, breathlessly grateful to live in a place where people of all stripes stand up for human rights, for all people.

What are you standing for today?

How are you showing someone else (a stranger, perhaps) your support?