Homemade Poster, March for Marriage Equality

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On Tuesday, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the “March for Marriage Equality — Stand against the National Organization for Marriage” in Madison, WI. Because equal rights are incredibly important to me as a lesbian, and because I am still myself grappling with the marriage/civil unions question (marriage is a religious ceremony, civil union is a legal connection). Regardless of my personal opinion on whether I would choose marriage, I believe in equality, and I am certainly not going to stand aside and let some religious zealots come into my city and my adopted state and say that marriage is completely “wrong” and “unnatural” if it is not between a man and a woman.

Knowing these things, I wanted to step back from my personal feelings and take a slightly more objective role when attending the rally (this mostly worked, except when the leaders’ voices became hoarse and I stepped in to holler chants). I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with some cameras I have (including the plastic build-a-camera and a 35mm Olympus OM-1), and with this new color negative film from Lomography, I wanted to catch some fabulous photos. The OM-1 has some shutter issues (including a shutter that catches “open” on occassion), and so I took that into consideration as I was snapping images. It did, in a few spots, stick open — which caused me to spin the lens and pop it open from the bayonet connector to release the shutter. Technical difficulties aside, I had an INCREDIBLE time shooting the march and rally, and even more on fire to shoot documentary-style images of cultural events and experiences (that night I dreamed I was the hired photographer at a pow-wow in my “home” town, and LOVED it — didn’t want to wake up). So, I’m happy to share some of the images (like the one above) of Tuesday and adore them in their lo-fi, utterly imperfect nature.

Marching up State Street, March for Marriage Equality

Approaching the State Capitol, March for Marriage Equality

"Is your marriage so insecure?" March for Marriage Equality

Families Fighting for Equality, March for Marriage Equality

"What Would Ellen Do?" "Jesus had 2 Dads..." March for Marriage Equality