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I’m not gone. I have not forgotten you, dear blog and readers.

I’m dealing with some health issues which are leaving me drained and quite empty. I haven’t the strength to do yoga much beyond child’s pose and savasana. Which is difficult for my vinyasa-loving body and soul. I am not able to run, which has postponed my plans to start Couch to 5k. Mostly I work, come home, and sit. Some days it’s even difficult to cook (so grateful for apple season — I’ve eaten many for dinners).

So as I have been sitting in silence, I’ve written many blog posts in my head. I’m hoping to have some answers soon (ultrasound next Thursday morning, and NO, I’m not pregnant), and then am anticipating my return to regular blog-land. Additionally, I am reading Creative, Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho, which has inspired and excited me to mind-map and brainstorm and deeply ponder how to move forward with some of my strongest, most burning dreams.

For now, though, as Jeff Buckley sings “Halleluyah” over the coffeeshop speakers, I give you this: My LOVE of AUTUMN.

* Autumn brings crisp air and crunchy leaves. Introspection in the woods. Ducks return to the pond. Geese cross overhead at increasing intervals.

* I love scarves. I am always on the lookout for new ones. Not because they’re trendy, but because they keep me snuggly warm. I lost my favorite ivory pashmina and am desperate to replace it, so my giant shawl a friend brought home from India will have to suffice.

* India. Oh how you haunt my dreams and waking moments. You are near me always, especially as the cooler weather brings more opportunities for chai and samosas.

* I am making an effort to wear more cardigans this year. I am always wanting something I can slip off or open if needed, and I believe cardigans are the answer. To the thrift store I go!

* Autumn inspires to write more letters. I love to send letters. If you’d like one, and I haven’t your address, email me or leave a comment with your email and we’ll be in touch. PS: Letter to do not require a response. I’ll continue to send periodically, just to say hello.

* Toe socks. Enough said.

Why do you love Autumn? What is your hope for this coming season?