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For this week’s Monday Me, I’m posting a list of things you may not already know about me. If you want to know more, check out my post today on the Freak Revolution, my entry for the World-Changing Writing Workshop, which I participated in earlier this summer!

1. I am trained as a poet and essayist. I love these genres, but I find myself fighting against my intuitive nature as a writer to listen to the voices of my past, the voices telling me I’ll never succeed as a writer.

2. Generally, I tell these voices to fuck off. Often out loud. Preferably not in public, though it does happen on occasion.

3. I feel a bit empty when I don’t have a camera near by. Like there’s a piece of me missing, something I’m forgetting and cannot quite remember.

4. For me, travel is not about escape, it is about expansion. It’s about expanding my mind, my spirit, my experiences. It’s about expanding my world. And I cannot WAIT to do more travel.

5. My cat is great, she’s a fantastic companion. But for me, nothing compares to the warmth and intimacy of snuggling in with another human. It nourishes my soul and feeds a hunger I didn’t know could exist.

6. I love being in women’s space. I love creating women’s space. I dream of hosting women’s writing retreats in the near future.

7. Every day I wake up longing for the Pacific Northwest, for the tiny island I lived on for 9 months. I make the wish, before I open my eyes, that there will be mountains outside my window. There never are, but I keep wishing.

8. I do not miss the lovers I have had who hurt me. This is new. Strange to say, considering how much physical and emotional harm they have caused. I missed them for years. Now, now I understand the toll that abuse can take on a person and I am grateful to be learning my own healthy boundaries.

9. I have been doing yoga since I was 13 years old. I started doing it because it was unlike anything I had tried. I continue doing it because it nourishes my cells. And because I like to be bendy. {Consider signing up for the next round of 30 Days of Yoga with Marianne Elliott — I’m doing it this month and am SO excited!}

10. My favorite color is purple. In the whole world, my favorite is purple. I’m not difficult to please in this way. But it’s important to know: If I’m not wearing at least one thing purple, something may be wrong.

11. I believe fully in the power of dreams. I believe that anything we imagine is possible with effort, determination, and the help of the Divine. I believe that our words and actions hold power, and our thoughts may hold even more power. I believe that you MUST believe a thing is possible for it to occur; the slightest hint of doubt will turn the whole thing sour.

12. I believe in love. I believe that love will heal us, love will sustain us, love feeds our being. Love is what makes the whole adventure worth having. And I will never, ever shy away from love.