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Lately you can find me pondering the end to the sentence: I am …

In college, I wrote an essay for classed called “Who Am I?” which later because my first published essay. I was 17. It was all about how I struggled with accepting my identity and what it took for me to finally accept myself.

A lot has changed in the last 8 years.

These days I am reading words from Megg and Maddie and Jamie and stretching well beyond my comfort zone with 30 Days of Yoga. I am meeting resistance with self-acceptance, fighting heart truths and waving my own white flag. I am doing and reading and stretching and reaching and loving and crying and grinding to a screeching halt. And starting all over again.

One thing is true throughout this adventure:

I am.

So as I struggle to re/define myself as a creative being, following my bliss without the baggage of the past, I am letting go of the need to complete that sentence in this moment. Perhaps, like Maddie, I am working to earn the rest of the sentence. I have some ideas, a hint here and there of how it may go, but nothing is certain. And if the only constant is change, than I am moving gently with the current.

But one thing I know is true, and I am ready to claim it with the full weight of responsibility and strength:

I am a storyteller.

More on this coming soon! Stay tuned …