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“But one day, we’ll wake up, and we’ll be doing what we love and loving what we do, and the Mystery will bring us there, and we will wonder how we could have done anything else, but we know that everything else is what made this moment possible.

Isn’t that the beauty of the Mystery?”

I wrote these words over a year ago, during a particularly difficult time in my life when all seemed impossible and I needed hope. Today I discovered these words while pulling down resources for writing the weekly projects connected to my upcoming writing workshop. Which is perfect, because this workshop is ALL ABOUT the Mystery.

I haven’t said much here lately as I am up to my eyebrows in research and soul-search and experiencing the depths of my writing prompts and assignments. Finding the emotional space to put words together in coherent sentences seemed too overwhelming for more than 140 characters. Until today. With a full day off my other job and the whole house empty, I finally reached the point of grooving in my work. And it feels SO GOOD. I have missed this place of deep flow and connection with my own spirit.

So I got some good work done. And I still have time to work. I have the first of six weekly projects outlined. I have the structure of the workshop set, and am almost finished with the course description. I have already begun creating the “pre” email announcement list. (Want in? Drop me a note!) I discovered a bin to place of my resources and materials for the course so I can tote them up and down the stairs in my home. Pieces of language and experience are settling into place and I am beginning to believe that this actually happening, that I am actually DOING what my heart has longed to do for years.

I guess these words were a premonition of sorts, an omen of good faith. My heart believed in me, my spirit believed in me, and now I believe in me. I am reveling in the Mystery, sinking deeper into my soul-path, my heart journey. I am learning and growing in my own skin so that I am ready to share that journey with the women who want to go deep, dig into their heart-stories, in this workshop I am creating.

I am creating.

I AM creating.

Digging deeply into my own soul is a journey I wasn’t ready to take before my life changed. I was content to be asleep. And now, now I am alive with passion and gratitude and an excitement that is beyond measure. The Universe is handing me opportunities I can handle, and that I want. Ones I am ready for. Like attending the Yoga Journal Conference in SF and seeing Elizabeth Gilbert for my birthday. And a week-long intensive poetry workshop with Marge Piercy. So I am ready. I am opening my heart to all the possibilities that await me. I am believing that these things will happen, that I am able to participate in them, and that my dreams will continue to manifest as I step more fully into my strength, into my gifts, into my abilities as a human. As I am more open to the Mystery, the Mystery opens more to me.

The gratitude I feel is often overwhelming. And so delicious.

If you missed the announcement, I am still offering discounted writing consultations to raise funds for my trip to San Francisco. Also, if you are interested in being the first to hear about my writing workshop, a six-week course in digging deeply to discover our true stories, please send me a note and I’ll add you to my “pre-mail” list!