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Becoming a storyteller is such a journey. I did not know that when I answered the call to follow my true path I would be accepting the responsibilities of a storyteller. Although it could be said that all writers tell stories, I do not believe that all writers are storytellers.

Being a storyteller is about bringing to life a moment in time, of capturing the essence of an experience and distilling it to it’s Universal truth, all while maintaining the feeling and expression of the situation. It’s not about purple prose or a list of facts. It’s about using words in ways that illustrate with precision and evoke deep, connected feelings. It’s about using movement (dance, yoga, walking) to create a container in which one moment of time is forever frozen, connected forward and back across all our lives to a greater Universal experience.

This is why I am a storyteller. It is not simply the writing or the photography or the yoga that compels me to tell these stories. It is the Universal nature of our experience. When I tell a story about a time I was bullied, other people can relate to the experience of being bullied — regardless of the context of my particular situation of bullying. When I tell a story of feeling the deepest, truest love, who loved me or why they loved me does not matter so much as THAT they loved me. And when you read a story about my experience of deep love, (my hope is that) it conjures in you a memory, a feeling of being deeply loved.

Part of my journey as a storyteller is to conjure those memories in you, and then to encourage and support you in telling your own stories. This encouragement comes through individual consulting, writing workshops, and gentle-excited editing. It happens when I tell a story, then suggest a way you might tap into a similar experience in your own life (through writing prompts or exercises). It comes when I share an image I have captured on film, and then ask to see your own images of a similar place. Or, when I have a profound experience on my yoga mat — something deep releases, a hidden fear or pain emerges and is worked through using asana and breath — and I am able to articulate that moment in words and share with you how I moved, how I breathed, how I came safely to the other side of my emotions, and how you may find similar safety in your practice to touch those deep and tender places in your own heart.

Telling a story isn’t just about words. It’s about the places behind the words. The places without words. The places that just are. That’s what my storytelling is about. And that’s what I am honored to share with each of you.

So, until the moment when this site goes live and is available for the whole world to read, I will continue to tell my stories, to encourage you to tell your stories, and add to the ever-growing web of stories we weave with one another to create exactly the world in which we want to live.