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A post for #reverb10.

Looking back on 2010 is easy. I had so much happen, but I am blessed to have journal entries, blog posts, and friends who can reflect back to me the amazing journey I have traveled in the past 12 months. And I have my memories, the experiences stored in my cells for reference and resilience.

2010 has been a journey from the deepest parts of my being, the scary, the ugly, the fierce places I have cowered and struggled with so much of my life. 2010 has been the journey to face my fears, face the people who hurt me the most, and to show them (and ME) how much I have grown. How I am not that scared, angry girl any longer.

2010 has been (and continues to be) a journey of learning to accept, to surrender. I have allowed others to house me, feed me, clothe me, and support me when I could not support my self. I have let go of the idea that you shouldn’t accept charity, because charity has truly saved me. The generosity I have experienced in the last year brings me to tears when I think of it (which is almost daily).

2010 is a year of discovering my gifts, of stepping on to my true and right path, of standing up to those who try and harm me, and finally using my voice to speak my truth and stand up for myself. This may be the scariest thing I have done, but I do it with humility and voracity. I refuse to be silenced EVER again.

Ever again.

2010 is a journey that continues, and is a continuation of all the years before.

Looking forward to imagine back, I see 2011 being the year of adventure. Of travel, of new experiences, of new love (Universe, I am SO ready for this), of honoring my path by staying on it and not veering off in fear.

2011, I welcome you with open arms and a loving embrace. Let’s hold hands on this journey together.