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I admit, I was very slow to join the Twitter bandwagon.

I was afraid that I would feel awkward, that I wouldn’t have any followers, that I mean seem like a stalker if I started following and interacting with the authors of blogs I read daily. I was REALLY scared of coming across as that crazy young girl who looks up so adoringly at the amazing bloggers she loves.

I’m not sure what the deciding spark was, but I remember very hesitantly building up my list of people to follow. I wasn’t sure who would follow back, and I wasn’t surprised when many of the folks I followed did not immediately follow me. I also didn’t understand the idea of spam-bots on Twitter, and spent many of those first weeks weeding through spam comments to get a clear understanding of what to look for and how to protect myself.

But I have done some incredible, amazing things through Twitter. I have dreamed with Mondo Beyondo, planned several dream trips across the globe, crafted plans to move England to the US, and expanded my web of creative souls to span every continent. I’ve made incredible friends I would have never otherwise met, and I have discovered my own internal strength and amazing abilities, cultivated and nurtured by a cohort of like-minded gentle souls.

So for all the friends I’ve made, the letters I’ve sent across the planet, the Skype calls, the virtual hugs, and the spinning teacups of this tiny, tiny planet, I say to Twitter and all the beautiful souls creating it:

thank you.