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what if you believed that whatever power you have right now is enough to make a real difference in the world? what kind of difference would you make?

I stumbled upon this question through a tweet by Rachael Maddox. I undeniably believe that the Universe is consistently conspiring to provide us with the connections, inspirations, and nudges (and sometimes swift arse-kicks) that we need to propel us forward into the next steps of the journey. So when I read this question, it really resonated with me as something connected to a thought I’ve been stuck on all day.

This morning I learned that TED is coming to Madison in the form of TEDxMadtown. My dream of sharing the incredible experiences and opportunities of TED with members of my community is suddenly being pushed forward by a group of thought-full and inspired thinkers.

An hour before I learned about TEDxMadtown, I read through all the information provided about becoming a TED Fellow for the TEDGlobal conference. Attending a TED conference is on my dream list, my bucket list, my Mondo Beyondo list, my 5-year goal list, and several other lists. I am not a woman made of money, nor do I have access to unlimited funds. But coming together with a group of incredible intellectuals and change-makers to look at the way of the world and work for the best in it — THAT is a dream come true. So to apply for a fellowship is a way for me to potentially engage with the TED world and it’s movers-and-shakers in a way that is attainable AND allows me to connect with means and ways of sharing my own ideas and world-changing potential.

So thinking about TED and the question Rachael presented lead me to this:

Right now, I would travel and learn the stories of women and girls around the world — through words and images. I would not worry about how I was going to afford the travel and lodging, but find methods of supporting myself along my journey. I would continue to share my own story, and be honored to share the stories of those women who will let me, with the world. I would encourage the women I meet on my journey to share their own stories. I would bring their stories to the leaders of countries, of international communities, of global policy makers. I would not hesitate to bring amazing stories into the public eye. I would not back down from the fear I discover in my own heart. I would support women and girls in facing their own fear.

I would not let another person be silenced.

For now, I am resting in the knowledge that I have the ability to make a difference, that even supporting one woman in telling her story makes a difference, that my voice is strong and clear and carries a message. I rest in this moment of stasis, where things inside me are being nurtured and gestating before springing forward with clarity and vision. I rest in this certainty I have created, the safety and stability I have crafted from nothing; I rest knowing that this certainty must be even just slightly shattered for me to follow my dreams.

Tonight, I rest.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is a brand new day.