This is my Mondo Beyondo list, written March 2010:

~Travel to Nepal, Tibet, India, Georgia (the country), England, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Austria, France, Iceland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Egypt, Israel, Palestine/Gaza, Djibouti (I love that word!), Madagascar, Eritrea, Guinea, Morocco, Spain, Greece, Crete, Turkey — Before I turn 30 (less than 5 years!).

~Make a living as a writer, photoethnographer, writing coach, editor, and consultant {ETA: and blogger} in 5 years {which is also by 30 … Think I have high standards!}.

~A relationship (intimate) based in love, trust, and partnership. A love that is matched in passion and silliness. A healthy partnership of equals. To be loved as much as I love her.

~To be working for compassionate change in the world in everything I do.

~Serve as President of my synagogue.

~To lead a prayer service.

~To live in a place that is safe, consistent, and feels like home. Somewhere my cat feels welcome to sleep on the bed. :)

~A summer of growing and processing my own vegetables and herbs.

~To teach English and writing to women {and girls} in a foreign country.

~A Macbook Pro, a Mac desktop, a Canon Rebel T1i with great lenses, a Polaroid SX-70 with an abundance of film, excessive hard drive space, Adobe Design Suite Premium, up-to-date Word and Office products, and the time to use all of them. {**This is one of those spots, where things are symbols for something greater. I realized that all of these pieces are, in some ways, essential to living the life of a writer and traveling photographer. Certainly I live this dream without all the “gear” listed above, though with my current state of point-and-shoot camera and having to delete old photos to make new ones, it’s getting a little tight. And so I let myself dream wide about what it would look like to have the “gear” to really smoothly do what I want, when I want. This is the list I created.}

~Hike segments of the Appalachian Trail with my closest friend.

~Make my own wine.

~Write a book and dedicate it to my closest friend for always being here.

~See my baby sister graduate High School (coming up in May, 2010!) and College — in person.

~A wardrobe that I love to choose from EVERY DAY. {This one is about not really ever having enough money to clothes myself with success. I grew up in pretty extreme poverty, and nothing really fit. And as an adult, I’ve never believed I could have well-paying jobs, so I haven’t had them, and therefore haven’t been able to wear the clothes I want to wear, which would reflect my own sense of style and personality, rather than being the least expensive things I can afford.}

~A pair of Dansko Mary Jane’s (in RED!) (got my ruby slippers, April 2010) and a pair of purple Halflingers. {See note above — it extends to footwear as well.}

~A Meyer Lime tree which I am able to cultivate and produce fruit.

~To kayak in all 5 Great Lakes.

~To kayak my local 5-lake chain.

~To have chickens for at least one season — I LOVE fresh eggs!

~To meet Marge Piercy and Annie Dillard {my two writing idols}.

~To have a book published by Copper Canyon Press {I did an internship there and fell in love}.

~To present at a leadership summit.

~To lead over 500 people in a Spiral Dance through Time Square {WTF? I mean, I love to lead Spiral Dances, but Time Square?}.

~To win a pie-baking contest.

~To make my own sorbet for a summer with fresh-picked fruit.

~To see my paternal grandmother before we both pass.

~For my (estranged) father to know I still care about him.

~To take the train to Seattle, camp in LaPush, and drive down the West Coast to San Francisco.

~To see the Redwoods and Joshua Tree.

~To teach yoga.

~To know my mother better.

~To always love myself, no matter what.

~To end each day fulfilled by life.


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